About Alma Ranebo


Alma Ranebo is born 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. I started to ride when I was three years old and got my first own pony when I was 14 years old, I had a good ponytime and a lot of success with the pony Browns Way who did up to 130 classes. After that I had a few good Junior/YR years with several good horses doing up to 140-150. After my last young rider year all my horses got sold and I got my first job as a rider in Germany. I moved later on from Germany to Holland, and I had two tough years as employed with around 20-23 horses by myself and all of them were young horses. I got a lot of rounds and experience and learned to know many people and good contacts that makes my business keep running.

In the beginning of 2017 I started up my own company and invested in a few own horses and got horses from owners as well. I try to work with quality and not have to many horses, and put time and keep the quailty high with the horses I have. Now I try to not ride more than around 9 horses a day and the rest of my time I spend on the road finding horses to me or my clients. Nothing is as fun as finding a good match between a horse and a rider.

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